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    Summary or Objective Statement in a Resume?

    The inclusion of an objective statement in a resume has evolved over time, and it is now more commonly recommended to exclude it and focus more on a professional profile or summary. 

    Here are a few reasons why objective statements are often omitted from modern resumes:

    • Focus on employer’s needs: Hiring managers are primarily interested in what you can offer them and how you can meet their needs. Instead of starting your resume with an objective statement that highlights your own goals and aspirations, it’s more effective to focus on showcasing your skills, experiences, and qualifications that align with the employer’s requirements.
    • Generic and vague statements: Objective statements often tend to be broad and unclear, such as “Seeking a challenging position where I can utilise my skills and grow professionally.” These statements don’t provide specific details about your qualifications or the value you can bring to the employer, which makes them less effective in capturing the reader’s attention.
    • ATS – Applicant tracking systems or software programs are designed to pick up on certain skills and experience keywords. If your profile is strong and focuses on what you can bring to the role, and why you feel you are the best candidate based on these reasons you will rank higher and stand out against those going for the same roles.
    • Tailoring for specific positions: Objectives are usually static and don’t change from one application to another. In contrast, modern resume practices emphasise the importance of tailoring your resume for each specific job you apply to. By customising your introduction to summarise and highlight relevant skills and experiences, you can better demonstrate your fit for the specific position and employer.
    • Limited space and attention: Resumes typically have limited space, and every section needs to provide relevant and impactful information. Including an objective statement takes up valuable space that could be better utilised to highlight your key qualifications and achievements.

    Overall, the shift away from objective statements is driven by the need to make resumes more concise, focused, and impactful, with an emphasis on showcasing the value you bring to potential employers. Many job seekers now opt for a professional summary or profile section at the beginning of their resume in order to do so. This section briefly highlights their key qualifications, skills, and experiences, providing a snapshot of their value proposition to the employer.

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